The Dambar on Route 66

How the Dambar Got Its Name

It was the sixties and the building was purchased by a local construction worker. His wife argued against buying that “Damn Bar” and the name stuck. The Landmark Dambar & Steakhouse on Historic Route 66 has been providing great food and hospitality for more than 30 years. Inside it is decorated with authentic western gear, red and white checkered table cloths and a wait staff offering down home hospitality. ”

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The Dambar Used to be…

Route 66 was certified as a cross-country interstate road in 1926 and was completely paved, traversing the United States from Chicago to Los Angeles, by 1936. America’s “Mother Road” made travel by automobile possible for thousands of people trying to escape the depression and dustbowl by moving west. Rt. 66 became the life-blood of the many towns that sprung up around the gas stations and motor-courts that stretched alongside her 3,600 miles of asphalt pavement. In Kingman, the “heart” of the longest continuous stretch of Rt. 66 left remaining, lies a vestige of the hospitality of the old road. The DAMBAR & Steakhouse is located at the intersection of a bit of Rt. 66 christened Andy Devine Ave. for Kingman’s native son turned famous fifties film star and Stockton Hill Rd., that stretches to the west rim of the Grand Canyon, and Hualapai Mountain Rd., leading to a mountain range named for the Native American tribe indigenous to the area. At this famous fork-in-the-road, the DAMBAR & Steakhouse has provided hometown hospitality and great food to locals and weary travelers alike for more than 30 years. The DAMBAR’s original stone structure was built in the 1930’s as a depression-era WPA (Works Progress Administration) project. It was a gas station during the fifties and a bar in the sixties when purchased by a construction worker whose wife argued against buying that “damn bar.” The name stuck and the DAMBAR eventually expanded into foodservice. The Peterson-Burge Family purchased the local landmark in 1996, remodeled the property and expanded the menu to include the best steaks and finest beverages to be found on Route 66.